Trip to Florida – February 9, 2022 to February 15, 2022

The Levy Family

Rabbi Sugerman

Yakov and Gittie Chase

Rabbi Simcha Shabtai

Nachum Caplan

The Chase Girls

The Broadwalk in Hollywood, FL

Josh Mushell

Wednesday, February 9, 2022:

Flew to Florida to stay with the kids.  Arrived at their house at about 9:00 PM.

Thursday, February 10, 2022:

Went to Daf Yomi at Boca Raton Synagogue with Rabbi Sugerman.  Saw David Gross and his son-in-law, Dr. Michael Tarlow, at BRS.  Dr. Tarlow davened with quite a bit of Kavana.  I am very impressed by Amy and Dr, Michael Tarlow.  Drove back to Boynton to take Tehillah to school.  Davened Mincha and Maariv at BRS.

Late in the afternoon, we drove around the area of the new Yeshiva to get an idea of the housing. I spoke to a broker, Eitan Abromowitz, 828-263-2055, about purchasing a new house in the area of the Yeshiva.  Very little is available and it is very expensive.

Went to eat with Shoshana and Danny Levy and kids at Burnt in Boca Raton.

Friday, February 11, 2022:

Went to Daf Yomi at BRS.  After Davening took Tehilah to school,

At 12:15 PM met with Rabbi Shimmy Shabtai.   We discussed the new Yeshiva and I gave him my $10,000 donation.  I wanted to meet with Rabbi Goldberg , but he was too busy.

Went to Nachum Caplan’s new house in Captiva.  He lives down the street from Rabbi Sugerman.  Nachum was wearing a Hatzalah hat.  Hatzalah just started in Boca Raton and he is a volunteer. I saw Alyssa and their two kids.   He showed me his new house.   He gutted the entire house and removed a load bearing wall between the kitchen and dining room, replacing it with a beam.  He was his own contractor and did a large part of the rewiring himself.  He spent about $135,000 on the renovation, however since he did some of the work himself, did not have to  pay a contractor, and knew how to save money,  the job would have cost me $200,000.   His father in law, Sid Cohen, came by and we talked. 

Nachum is a nurse and has become a visiting nurse, tripling his pay.  Nachum and Alyssa are a great couple.

I got great satisfaction because in my own way I helped him when he was younger.  I looked at him and saw a Gavrah.  He has grown as a person.

Went back to Shoshana’s house where I vacuumed the steps, washed the first floor, and cleaned up the boys room.

Shabbos, Friday night February 11, 2022:

Davened at Chabad of Boynton Beach, Rabbi Sholom Ciment.  Rabbi Moshe Soloveick was in Boynton Beach and was the scholar in residence. Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik came to Boynton to go to Connections of West Palm Beach’s dinner on Motzei Shabbos.  I called Rabbi Ciment and told him that Reb Moshe will bei n Boynton this Shabbos and I want him to be Scholar-in-Residence.  Rabbi Ciment said with pleasure as he is good friends with Reb Moshe.  Rabbi Ciment asked me, what about an honorarium?   I gave $1,000.

After Davening I went up to say Good Shabbos to Reb Moshe and schepped Nachas seeing Reb Moshe’s face beaming and people going over to him.

Shabbos Morning, February 12, 2022:

Davened a Chabad’s Hashkama minyan.  They started at 7:30 AM and by the time I got there at 8:00 they were already by Chazaros Hashatz.  After davening went home to make Kiddush.  I took Aryeh Moshe and Tehillah with me to Shul.  Luckily I met Rebbetzin Billet and she told me to put Tehillah in Anshei Chesed’s youth groups.  Her husband is the Rabbi.  I also asked her if I could come over to her house during their meal.  Rabbi Aryeh Leibowitz, his wife and in-laws were eating by Rabbi Billet for the Shabbos Seudah.  She said yes and that I should come over at 1:30 PM.    I walked to Anshei Chesed, put Teholla in the youth group, and went into the Shul with Aryeh Moshe to listen to Rabbi Aryeh Leibowitz’s Drasha.  I was proud of Aryeh Moshe as he was attentive and listened to the speech.  Rabbi Leibowitz talked about the clothing of the Cohanim.   Great speech.

After the speech, when I walked out of the Bais Medrash, I saw Tovah and my wife who had come to pick up Tehillah.  I was happy to see them.  The tragedy to me was that Zechariah did not have any Shabbos clothes, so he could not come.  Zechariah is very sociable and needs interaction with other kids.    

Went to Chabad of Boynton Beach to listen to Reb Moshe Soloveichik’s drasha.  It was on observing Yahrzeit during a leap year  when there are two Adars.  Which Adar is the Yahrzeit?

Went home for the Shabbos Seudah.  Great meal.

At 1:30 PM went to Rabbi Billet.  They were at the end of their meal.  I told Rabbi Leibowitz my two stories from the Kotzker on clothing.  Rabbi Leibowitz was going the next day to Israel to recruit for YU.  His in-laws are the Gewirtzs who live in Boynton.  Rabbi Leibowitz is a superstar in the YU Torah world.  He gives a 40 minute Daf Yomi Shiur every day, packed with Reshonim, Achronim.  Gives Torah non-stop.

Davened Mincha at Chabad

Motzei Shabbos – February 12, 2022:

Got a ride with Reb Moshe and Debra Soloveichik to the Connection of Palm Beach County school.  The school was honoring Jason Wolke, Michelle’s son.  Reb Moshe came in to honor and say thank you to Jason and Michelle Wolke partly for their help with my granddaughter, Tiferat.  I was happy to attend and it was a very heartwarming dinner.

Debi Johnson, Principal of Connections                   The Adlers, Michelle’s Friends:

Sunday, February 13, 2022:

Superbowl Sunday.  Tovah is making a super bowl party.  I davened and went to Daf Yomi at BRS.   Most of the afternoon I walked. I was bored so I called family and called Yaakov Chase and he was in an Uber to his hotel in Surfside Florida.  We made up to go to lunch with them on Monday.  Great Siatta Dismaya  that we were in Florida. 

The super bowl party was delicious.  It was Mexican themed with nachos,  guacamole, cheese dips, and imitation chicken.  Unfortunately the Cincinnati Bengals lost.

At 9:45 we left to go to our hotel, a Comfort Suites Inn right by the airport on Sterling Road, just off 95.

Monday, February 14, 2022:

Drove to Boca for Daf Yomi and Davening.  We drove to Miami Beach, 41st Street to walk the Boardwalk.  Walked to 64th and took the trolley back to our car.  Drove to Surfside to meet Yaakov and Gittie Chase at Cine Citta Caffe, 9544 Harding Avenue.   Very nice restaurant but they served fish and pasta, not what I would order.  I shared food with Yanky and Gittie.  Sat there for two hours and schmoozed.    Shalom Saltz came to visit.  He was at a conference down the street at the St. Regis.

After the meal we went to Rita’s to have ice cream.

Sholem Saltz, Mitch Morgenstern, Serka Morgenstern, Gittie Chase, Yaakov Chase

Drove back to the hotel and went for Mincha / Maariv to the Young Israel of Hollywood.  Schmoozed with the gabbai.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022:

Went to BRS for Daf Yomi and Davening.  Went back to the hotel and checked out.  Drove to Hollywood and walked along the Boardwalk.  We headed north away from the shops and the crowds.  Every few people were there.  A group of 4 girls on bicycles said hello to me.  I  commented to Seka, look there are Frum girls here   Serka said, look at them, they are your nieces.  

Later on during our walk I met Josh Mushell and wife who live in Baltimore.  He went to Chicago Telz in the late 1960s,  I went to Yeshiva with his brother, Aaron Mushell who now  lives in New York.  I heard about Josh Mushell for years but never met him.  Because Isay hello to every Frum Jew I meet, I met his walking along the Boardwalk in Hollywood, FL.


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  1. Jeremy Schwartz

    Very nice. Happy Purim. I can’t wait to read the write up for the Englewood Shabbos.

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