The Yunge Bubbe’s Yahrzeit and Family News

Today is the Yahrzeit of my mother’s grandmother, (Alta) Chana Henya Sklar , who left this world on the first of Iyar, April 27,  1933.  (Alta) Chana Henya Sklar was the mother of my Zeidi, Reb Sholom Sklar.   She was known as the Yunge Bubbe (young  grandmother).

The Alte Bubbe (older grandmother) was the mother of Archik Tikotsky.  Archik

Alte BubbeTikotsky was married to Beilke, the oldest sister of my Zedie.  She and her husband brought the family to America in the early part of the 20th century, with my Zeide coming last in 1924.  Beilke is buried in the old Krinker cemetery, which I cannot find.    The Alte Bubbe lived by my Zeide because her kids were no longer Orthodox.  My mother told me that she died in my Zeide’s arms. Continue reading “The Yunge Bubbe’s Yahrzeit and Family News”