Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Morgenstern, TZL

Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Morgenstern, TZL

1858 –  2/18/1920 – 29 Shevat  5680

ktozk 2This Shabbos was the 83rd Yahrzeit of my great Grandfather, Admor Tzvi Hersh Morgenstern of Lukav.  Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Morgenstern was the great grandson of the Kotzker.  The Kotzker Reba was his Sandek.  Continue reading “Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Morgenstern, TZL”


Kotzker Rebbe’s Yahrzeit 2011

Family e-mail:

January 26, 2011

It is now 7:44 PM and I have just finished for the day.  I did go to Sidney for Mincha and Maariv.

I gave the Daf Yomi Shiur last week and enjoyed it.  To prepare I used the Daf Yomi shiur on ou.org, the most widely listened to Daf Yomi in the world.  It is given by Rabbi Moshe Elefant.  His 45 minute Shiur turned into a 1.5 hour study session for me.

On 2/1/11, just 6 days from now, registration opens for the 2011 Chicago marathon.  A ray of sunshine in this bleak winter.  Walking the miles and miles of 2010 Chicago Marathon,  I was  in terrible agony, and told myself  that I will never do this again.  However, the sights, sounds, and smell of the marathon keeps beckoning to me and I am going all in.

Tonight and tomorrow is the 152st Yahrzeit of the Kotzker Rebbe.  I like to write something novel or something that I did not know about the Kotzker every year. Continue reading “Kotzker Rebbe’s Yahrzeit 2011”