The Avnei Nezer’s Pshat in a Rambam (told over at Avromi Perl’s Bar Mitzvah)

Background to the story:

The Avnei Nezer also known as the Sochachover Rebbe,married the Kotzker older twin daugher, Sarah Tzinah, in 1853+-.  The Avneir Nazar at the time of ths story was maybe 18 years old.   This story took place during the years of the Kotzker’s “Hisbotidus” – years that the Kotzker limited his contact with the world.

The Avnei Nezer, son-in-law of the Kotzker told the following story.    I worked hard on a Ramban and after much effort  God enlightened for me the answer.  (The quesion at hand was a difficult Rambam who seemed to rule on a specific law in contradiction to the Talmud.) The Rambam in question had a different version of the Talmud and therefore his  ruling was proper.

I told my Torah original thought to the Kotzker and he did not say anyting.  The Kotzker told me to return to the study hall and say the Torah thought to a scholar you meet in the study hall, and report back to me.  I  found the Chidushai Harim.  The Chidushai Harim  did not agree with my Torah and felt that the Rambam was still difficult.  I reported back to the Kotzker,  who again told me to return to the study hall to speak with another Torah scholar.  I found Reb Henoch M’Alexander, who greatly appreciated and agreed with my Torah.  I returned to the Kotzker who called in the Chedushai Harim and Reb Henoch M’Alexander.  The three  of us stood  before the Kotzker, who scolded us and said, is this the way you learn the holy Torah, with uncertainty,  This one says it is difficult and the other says it is  correct.  The Kotzker proceeded  to explain the Rambam and answered it 13 different ways.  The Aveni Nezer said, I only understood  6 or 7 of the answers, the Chidushai Harim understood up to 10, and the remaining answers  we did not understand  due to their depth and sharpness.


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