The Chidushai Harim’s Manuscript (told over at Avromi Perl’s Bar Mitzvah)


The Chidushai Harim showed the Kotzker Rebbe a manuscript on Torah he wrote on the Choshen Mishpat, (the portion of Jewish law that deals with civil law).  The Kotzker looked at it for a long time and afterwards said – This manuscript is very special, however, I am afraid that if you publish it, people will stop learning  the Shach (a major commentary printed along the side of the Choshen Mishpat text).  The Shach learned Torah for its own sake with major effort and diligence.  The Chedushai Harim left the Kotzker presence and said, even though my manuscript is invaluable, it is a commandment to listen to the words of Torah scholars.  The Chedushai Harim started a fire and burnt his manuscript.

A while later a student came to the  Kotzker and the Rebbe asked the student, what did the Rim  do with the manuscript.  The student answered that the Chedushai Harim burnt it.  The Kotzker Rebbe commented – how wondrous is this great person and the generosity of his sprit, he did a great thing to sublimate his will before mine, and burnt his manuscript that contained precious  and true Torah.  Know that the light of his Torah will begin to shine.  The wisdom of his Torah will enlighten the entire world, and his Torah thoughts will be accepted worldwide.


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