July 21, 2020

On the following Monday, July 21st, Naftoli Glenner made a Siyum on Mishnayos Brechos. The Siyum was at his Rebbe, Rabbi Moshe and Frumit Roberts

 Naftali and his father.

Mitch Morgenstern, my wife, Serka, and my son Eli.

I spoke and added the following.

There is a fifth interpretation of לא יחל דברו and that is Naftoli Glenner.   Naftoli always does what

he says he will do.  He is always there.  He does not delay, does not profane his words, does not violate his words, and he is forgiving.  We call him Reb Naftoli.  When he has to come to my house, he persistently calls me.  I invariably will be in the middle of an important text, he calls me, and my text is ruined.  He will call me 10 times.  He is always at the front of the Shul to open the Aron, to help with taking off the Torah covering.  Rabbi’s chairs were only created so Naftoli can have a place to sit.  He is very observant of what is happening around him, absorbing details, and the scene around him.


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